A CNC Machining Company Drives Manufacturing

When companies want to manufacture their product in large quantities, over a short period of time, they will hire a CNC machining company. By working with a CNC mill, the company can reduce overall production costs by manufacturing their product, in bulk.

In order to do so, engineers at Aztalan Engineering will meet with the client to discuss a product’s specific design specifications, including dimensions, durability, weight, and construction materials. This information will help them determine what machinery, and material to us. They will also troubleshoot any potential issues that could arise during production. At Aztalan Engineering, our process ensures that designs ready for construction, and will be strong enough to withstand the intended application, and use.

What is CNC Machining?

Computerized numerically controlled (CNC) machining uses computerized specifications for different products to manufacture and output that product in bulk. Lathes cut and shape the product’s base material into the correct shape and size for the order. Using a computerized system allows the initial program and design specifications to be changed as needed. If a product shows defects during manufacturing or testing, the design and program can be altered to fix the product.

A CNC machining company takes advantage of this technology for mass production. After testing the initial design, the product can be made in large quantities over short periods of time. Depending on the quantity a company requests, the manufacturers can make the exact number of individual units without wasting resources. This level of precision will reduce clients’ production costs and return the product to them more quickly.

Industrial Options

A number of different industries will hire a CNC machining company to produce specific parts, and prototype models. At Aztalan, we’ve helped customers in the medical, aerospace, and military industries. This has required the development of a variety of unique parts, and prototypes. CNC machines can produce custom parts out of metal alloys, including aluminum, carbon steel, and copper. They can also work with various plastic compounds. These materials will be precisely tooled to individual design specifications, making them truly unique with every assemblage. Once they have been made and tested, companies can collect them from the factory, or send them to retailers for direct sale.