CNC Milling Service – Providing Delicate and Detailed Manufacturing

At Aztalan Engineering, Inc., we provide CNC milling service capabilities for precise cutting that can meet, and exceed, your expectations, no matter the requirement. Our advanced CNC machinery, along with our promise to treat our customers like they are our own family, allows you to feel at peace knowing we’ll treat your job as if it our own.

Orthopedic Implant Manufacturers Offer Precise Machining and Custom Services

At Aztalan Engineering, we use our precision CNC machining services and prototyping abilities to serve the medical implant industry. We are proud to be amongst several quality orthopedic implant manufacturers in the industry. Machining medical implants is a delicate process, so we understand that failure is not an option which is why we offer precise machining and careful prototyping to ensure we meet your exact specifications.

Engine Component Machining in the Automotive and Aerospace Industries

Either directly or indirectly, nearly everyone depends on machined goods in one way or another. Without machining, few of the goods and services that we have come to expect in our daily lives would be available. This is especially true when it comes to travel – we could not fly or drive without the parts machined for the automotive and aerospace industries. Nearly every aspect of a car or plane’s functionality is dependent on machined components.

Choosing the Precision Machining Company that Best Suits Your Needs

Precision machining is responsible for producing a multitude of intricate components that we use on a day-to-day basis; each piece requires the skill of a detail-oriented, highly trained machinist. Therefore, choosing the precision machining company that best suits your company’s needs is not a decision to take lightly. No matter your industry – from aerospace to medicine to energy – choosing a reliable company to meet your precision machining needs is imperative.

Aerospace Components Manufacturers – Providing Precision and Quality

Being one of the leading manufacturers of aerospace components is about dedication and hard work. Simply stated, understanding that you play an integral and key role in the construct of such a dynamic industry is valuable in the sense that you must be fully aware and understand that there’s very little room for error and that precision, which is key to how we at Aztalan Engineering operate, is pertinent to the functioning of other industries that are dependent upon your capabilities. We set the standard high with the services we provide to our customers.

Important Benefits of Oxygen Cleaning

Getting right down to it, in order for anything to be operative and functioning, maintenance and care must be managed. When it comes to those same components and assemblies that offer construct for industries, being operative and functioning is standard, and efficiency and high quality is always the goal. Thus, providing certified cleaning options is a necessity. At Aztalan Engineering, we are glad to offer ultrasonic cleaning as one of our specialties for industry and business solutions.

Tips on Designing Affordable Precision Machined Parts

Precision machined parts can be costly, but it doesn’t have to be, if you think outside the box. Taking the time to make clear drawings and design templates for the manufacturing company you choose to do the machine work for, can make all the difference. Additionally, choosing a manufacturing company that has extensive experience in the creation and assembly of precision machined parts will definitely help stay within your company’s budget.

Moreover, if you are not completely sure as to the kind of precision machined parts your project needs, speaking with experienced designers, machinists or knowledge management team members, like the ones at Aztalan Engineering, Inc., can help guide you to the right direction.

Drawing and Design

When designing a precision machined part, there are some elements you should consider. For example, creating shapes that are simple and small or that don’t waste material can help keep the overall project cost down. Think about the following factors:

  • Eliminate the need for sharp inside and outside corners, or if you cannot eliminate them, increase the radius of inside and outside corners.
  • For 3D parts, reduce the number of different hole diameters, or instead of using 3D parts, use 2D parts made from sheet material, which you can bolt or bend together to make 3D shapes.
  • Avoid fine details in shapes such as long protrusions, thin shapes, shapes with lots of material removed, etc.
  • Avoid the need for complex work-holding, as shapes with complex outer shapes are the most time consuming to setup for holding.

Precision Machined Parts Materials

There are several other ways to reduce the cost of your parts, including checking the pricing on different materials. For instance, it may help your company’s bottom-line to know that at times, harder materials tend be more expensive to use in manufacturing. Therefore, if you use a softer material such as aluminum, you can reduce the cost of the final product significantly.

Make sure to talk about your options with one of Aztalan Engineering’s experts during your design phase in order to work with the most cost-effective solutions for your product, rather than going back and trying to change everything later.

Choosing a Medical Device Components Manufacturer

As we know, the manufacturing of all classes of medical devices takes a significant amount of stringent effort, quality control, expertise, and care. That’s why at Aztalan Engineering, we spend the majority of our time making sure that you receive the exact medical device components and accessories that you need for your medical device; quality and all.

Medical Device Components

The manufacturing of medical device components and accessories is heavily regulated by the FDA. This means there are set standards that all manufacturing companies must strictly follow in creating any medical device components and parts.

Through a classification system, the FDA determines the kind of manufacturing, labeling and packing that a medical device must have in order to be deemed acceptable or safe enough for use. These classifications also apply to medical device components and/or medical device accessories. There are 3 FDA regulatory classifications of medical devices: Class I, Class II and Class III.


You may be asking the question: What do these classifications of medical devices have to do with choosing a medical device component manufacturing company? The answer is simple: everything. Choosing a manufacturing company that fully understands and stays up-to-date on these classifications and their impact on the quality of their medical devices is of the utmost importance.

At Aztalan Engineering, we know that Class I Medical Devices have the least regulatory control due to the fact that these devices generally have a history of safe use. Moreover, what this classification means for your potential medical device component is that its design and manufacturing need to be more simplistic, in accordance with good manufacturing practices.

With Class II (general control plus special control) and Class III (general and special control plus premarket notification) medical devices and their components, there are more detailed instructions or regulatory controls that must be abided by during the manufacturing process. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can guarantee to manufacture products that comply with regulations and have the highest quality in the market.

The Benefits of Precision Machined Parts

At Aztalan Engineering, we have been making high quality precision machined parts for more than thirty years, and our business continues to grow. Why? To put it simply, it’s because precision machining is the absolute best method in which to get top of the line products affordably and quickly. A wide range of industries trusts our machining services, including the medical, aerospace, defense, and energy markets. Keep reading to learn about some of the reasons why precision machined parts are the best way to go.

Fewer Errors

The best feature of parts made via precision machining is undoubtedly that they are typically error-free. First of all, machine production will always be more accurate than human production. More importantly, however, most CNC machines contain some sort of internal quality assurance detectors. The minute an error is detected during the manufacturing process, the machine will shut off to prevent making further mistakes. This saves you money on material that could have been wasted on unsatisfactory parts, as well as precious time.

Faster Timeline

Precision machined parts can be produced much faster than those by even the most skilled worker. The machines not only move faster, but also do so by simplifying the process and do in one step what workers would have to do in multiple steps. Since workers aren’t involved in the process, the whole timeline speeds up, since machines are able to work around the clock. With CNC machining, you’ll get your product in your hand as quickly as possible.

Precision and Less Waste

At Aztalan Engineering, our precise manufacturing method ensures that waste production is decreased, which means less ruined material headed to the dumpster. More so, with such a streamlined process, every last piece of material is utilized, meaning that no scraps go to waste.

Easy Assembly

A lot of CNC machines come with built in assembly features, meaning that we take care of another step for you! Without manual assembly, the time between when you place your order and when you receive your finished product are significantly reduced. You’ll be able to tackle larger, harder projects now!

Medical Device Manufacturing That’s Above Board

A lot goes in to the healthcare business. There are many hands in the pot and many recipients or benefactors of a work that often times seems tireless and endless. In conjunction to the expertise of doctors and physicians alike, the tools and devices that these same professionals depend on must meet a certain standard not just for the professionalism of the servicer but the actual health and benefit of the patient.

The bottom line is that without a legitimate professional standing behind the mechanics, so many variables that are controlled would be at play and the healthcare business as a whole would fall apart. With it, the wellbeing of a lot of patients that are dependent upon reliable and above board services would also be in danger.

Precision in Medical Device Manufacturing

There are a several other manufacturers and businesses that provide machinery that’s used in the service of medical imaging and healthcare overall. These businesses are legitimate and substantial but beyond what is standard is what many consider precision in medical device manufacturing. Accuracy and dependability are just two of the attributes that our team at Aztalan Engineering bolsters, and in a business like healthcare that needs to be precise, we are the premier leader in device manufacturing that should be trusted for overall dependability as well as response time for the need.

Meeting the Need

Time is of the essence and in this type of manufacturing quality must be matched with timing. Healthcare is not a business that allows for long periods of time in improvements, achievements, and adjustments. At Aztalan Engineering, we are about real time solutions for real time medical problems. Being preemptive and proactive in dealing with healthcare concerns is the only way to legitimately deal with the personal concerns of patients who are clients and they deserve the best possible solutions from the best in medical device manufacturing.

We guarantee that the needs of others are first and foremost in our development of parts and machinery and we strive to be the single most dependable factor in the benefits of healthcare provisions. Healthcare can be complex, so there’s no need for your healthcare solutions to be complicated as well.