Aztalan Learns the Importance of Focus Groups

Aztalan Engineering is making strides in 2014, and one important stride is the continuation of the Aztalan team focus group training sessions with Nalani Services. A focus group is a form of qualitative research with a group of people to connect, collaborate, and explore new ideas to an old problem. Common focus group topics may include uncovering opportunities relating to strategic planning, marketing, market diversification, or cultural initiatives to improve upon an existing solution.

Aztalanā€™s focus group sessions are focused on, but not limited to:

  • Expanding the knowledge base of participants in relation to a specific topic or issue
  • Encouraging open dialog without pre-judgment relating to a particular topic
  • Developing enthusiasm for the diversity of ideas shared
  • Gathering opinions, beliefs, and attitudes about issues of interest within the organization
  • Assessing the degree of challenge faced, testing the assumptions, and determining if the issue is real or perceived
  • Focusing attention on a step by step process for improving the current status of a topic or issue

Through a series of group sessions with key decision makers and members of management, Aztalan is learning how to work together to explore new avenues of thinking and implementing strategies that will change the way the company operates. The result is a stronger, more stable work environment with better employees, improved products, and greater customer satisfaction.