CNC Milling Services - Aztalan Engineering

Horizontal and Vertical CNC Milling Centers Provide Precision and Accuracy

Aztalan Engineering has eight Okuma MA-40HA Horizontal Machining Centers (HMC), four Fadal 4020 Vertical Machining Centers (VMC), and one 1 Okuman Genos M460-VE VMC equipped with chip removal systems and automatic tool changers.

Our precision milling vertical machines range in size and capacity and are designed to deliver reduced part cycle times and fast material removal, while maintaining increased positioning accuracy and repeatability. They are safe, reliable, and easy to operate. Built for large parts and heavy metal removal, their heavy box weighs are hardened and utilize non-metallic liners resulting in maximum vibration damping, which makes them virtually free from friction. This enables CNC precision milling for consistently closer tolerances.


Our horizontal milling machines are comprised of a series of engineering features guaranteed to achieve accurate results. A high-speed axis feed provides almost instant access to parts, enhancing productivity. A wide variety of spindles offers a full range of horsepower, from low to high RPM’s. A cooling system with a double sleeve spindle construction balances the temperature of the spindle head to prevent deformation to provide for extremely high accuracy.

One of our horizontal machining centers offers CNC milling services that includes a flexible manufacturing system with 10 pallets. This enables the scheduling of different parts to run on the machine back-to-back with almost no changeover or set-up time required. Consequently, the machinist can perform other tasks such as deburring or gauging without the interruption of production so that a second machine can be operated; increasing productivity and efficiency while reducing the costs for set-up.