CNC Swiss Turning - Aztalan Engineerings

CNC Swiss Turning for Power and Versatility

CNC Swiss turning automatic lathes are more powerful than ever before, providing the fast cycle times and flexibility that have made them the standard in many precision, high production applications. Today there are even more options available and more sophisticated controls to recycle times and eliminate secondary handling through the use of live tooling and sub-spindles.

The CNC Tsugami Swiss-Type lathes we make are perfect for machining precision parts that have complex profiles and configurations. They are also applicable for long parts, as well as those with diameters under 0125 inches, such as components for medical and defense products, watch parts, a variety of connecting components for aerospace and electronics, and contacts used in connectors.

One Setup – One Machine – One Process

Our CNC Swiss turning lathes also enable many operations to work in tandem with each other so that both ends of the part can be completed in one process: both the inside and outside can be done, holes can be drilled, interpolation with live tools can be performed, “Y-axis” milling such as thread milling, flats, and more can all be performed in one setup and on one single machine. This single setup process made possible by our lathes adds to the speed and efficiency of the CNC process.

Our CNC Tsugami Swiss-Type lathes feature very meticulous specifications with regards to the part’s diameter, which allows us to provide excellent part finishes. Our typical lot size is around 2,000 pieces, but we are capable to product high-volume orders and are able to use these machines effectively for creating prototypes.