Soldering & Brazing Manufacturer - Aztalan Engineering

Soldering & Brazing

Our solder and brazing operation has 3 bench solder/brazing stations and a carousel solder station. Jigs and fixtures are used to assist in the manufacturing of complex assemblies. Various types of materials and fluxes are used to join brass to brass, brass to stainless steel and stainless steel to stainless steel. Most assemblies require critical cosmetic finishes.


Brazing is a heating process in which two or more like or unlike materials are joined together by means of another metal alloy with a lower melting point. Braze joints can be made exceptionally strong, sometimes stronger than the two metals being joined.

Braze joints are liquid- and gas-tight, can withstand shock and vibration, are unaffected by normal temperature changes, provide good electrical conductivity and can be easily plated using conventional processes.


Soldering is the process of joining metals by means of alloys that melt between 350°F-700°F. The strength of the joint depends on the chemical composition and cleanliness of the surfaces to be joined. Soldering produces liquid- and gas-tight joints quickly and at low cost.

  • Ameritherm HOTSHOT 2kW for small and mid-sized parts
  • Ameritherm Nova Star 20
  • Stanelco Induction Heating with carousel unit
  • Manual flame units