Medical Implant Machining: Precision Parts and Custom Services

Medical implant machining is a crucial process in the medical industry and is used to create life-saving devices. This type of machining is a delicate and lengthy process that our team at Aztalan Engineering takes very seriously. We understand that with these types of products, failure is not an option, which is why we offer precise CNC machining services to ensure a quality product that performs to your exact specifications. We also take pride in following strict operating procedures and production guidelines to ensure there are no defects in our machined products.

How Medical Implant Machining Works

Medical machining refers to all of the CNC machining processes that are related to the medical industry, such as surgical implants and surgical tools. This type of machining is also used in the production of orthotic devices and other type of medical instruments. Medical implants refer to a device that is used to replace a missing biological structure. They are also used to support damaged structures and can even enhance existing structures. Medical implant machining can be used to make implants such as rods, pins, and screws that help to hold broken bones in place as they heal.

Implanted devices are typically machined using a process called micromachining or small scale machining. This small scale type of machining relies on precision because many medical implants are comprised of tiny yet crucial components. These components are usually made from materials such as titanium, apatite, or silicon, depending on the application, because these materials do not typically react to the human body in a negative manner. Devices can also be machined from certain medical grade plastics because they also will not cause a negative reaction to the body when used, ensuring the safety of the patient.

Custom Medical Machining Services

In the case of medical implants, they often time need to be customized to fit the patient’s body in order to function properly. Custom machining services play a big role in ensuring that we can meet all of your medical implant needs. Within our medical machining services, we also offer prototyping and quick production of small batch parts in order to keep up with the constantly changing and ever developing medical technology of today.