Ultrasonic Cleaning Services: Effective and Versatile

In addition to our wide range of precision machining specialties, here at Aztalan Engineering, we also offer ultrasonic cleaning services for hard to clean parts and machines that require sterile and safe cleaning. We use a method called ultrasonic cleaning, that allows us to easily clean welded assemblies, breathing circuit machines, as well as any type of product with hard to reach hole or wires and tubes, making them sanitary and sterile to suit even the strictest environments.

How Ultrasonic Cleaning Works
Ultrasonic cleaning is a process that uses ultrasound along with a cleaning solvent to clean hard to reach places, most often used on machined parts and assemblies. It works through the use of high-frequency sound waves, between 20-400 kHz, that are generated through the use of an external transducer unit. These sound waves form bubbles within the solution that are able to get into even the smallest cracks and blind holes for a through clean.

When the micro bubbles reach a certain place within the transducer, they collapse onto the surface of the part. This collapse happens inside the cleaning unit, at high pressure, and on a very small scale. This is called ‘oxygen cleaning’: it’s a gentle process that has enough strength to remove dirt, grime, and residue, without causing any damage to delicate parts or products.

This type of cleaning can be performed by simply using water for an efficient clean, but for more difficult jobs, our experts can assist you in finding the appropriate solvent that can help enhance the cleaning process. Many factors, such as the type and severity of soiling on the part, will determine what type of solvent is needed.

Comprehensive Services to Keep Your Operations Running Smoothly
Ultrasonic cleaning services can be used to clean a wide range of parts from electronic to surgical equipment. Aztalan Engineering can also clean optical parts and breathing circuits, to help meet your cleaning needs and standards. In conjunction with our machining expertise, we can serve as your one-stop shop for machined parts services, saving you the hassles of using multiple services and providers while guaranteeing a quality product and a deep clean.