Choosing the Precision Machining Company that Best Suits Your Needs

Precision machining is responsible for producing a multitude of intricate components that we use on a day-to-day basis; each piece requires the skill of a detail-oriented, highly trained machinist. Therefore, choosing the precision machining company that best suits your company’s needs is not a decision to take lightly. No matter your industry – from aerospace to medicine to energy – choosing a reliable company to meet your precision machining needs is imperative.

Considerations When Evaluating a Precision Machining Company

Not all machining companies are created equally, and more than cost needs to be considered when choosing the precision machining company with which you would like to partner. Although there are many variables to consider when choosing the machining company that best suits your needs, some key considerations are your supplier’s machine capabilities, the skill of its engineers and operators, and its quality control.

Skilled Engineers and Operators

Knowing that the engineers and CNC machine operators are skilled and efficient is vital due to the necessity to produce quality components. What sets us apart at Aztalan Engineering from some other companies is that we are employee-owned. Each of us has a vested interest in seeing our company succeed by providing our customers with quality parts that adhere to strict industry standards.

Machine Capabilities

Often companies have to choose between fast turnaround and high-precision products. However, with the proper investment, some precision machining suppliers can offer both – we pride ourselves on being able to do just that. At Aztalan Engineering, we operate Okuma and Tsugami CNC machines, which are known for their speed and precision. As a result, you can expect both high throughput and consistent tolerances necessary for hi-tech industries.

Quality Control

Being aware of how suppliers approach quality control can play an important role in choosing which machining company is best for you. Some companies try to solve a problem once it has occurred. However, in hi-tech industries quality control must also take the form of defect prediction and deterrence. We focus on preventing defects as well as thoroughly training our employees, controlling our processes, and implementing a comprehensive Quality Management System.

Making the Choice

Working with a precision machining company is more than a business relationship; it is a partnership. Be sure to choose the company that you know will strive to meet your demands and wants to work for, and with you to develop quality components that adhere to industry standards.