CNC Machining Tools Enable Precision Medical Machining of Parts

Computer numerical control (CNC) machining was first introduced to product manufacturing shortly after World War I began. Traditional machining methods were labor intensive, and replication of parts was slow-going. Today, CNC machining operators’ primary function is programming inputs. The hands-free benefits that come with computer generated manufacturing reduce labor costs while improving precision and increasing replication outputs.

CNC Machining Products

Manufacturer’s design and engineer products that require hundreds of parts and components. These products improve consumers’ health and lifestyle. When you think about cars, planes, and thousands of other consumer goods, just imagine how many parts are required. Industries rely on components designed and engineered to specifications with 100% precision and no room for error. How does CNC machining impact your health? Well, to manage your care, for example, doctors count on precision medical machining to produce accurate components to be used in diagnostic equipments.

Precision Medical Equipment

There are lots of U.S. based machining companies operating throughout the country, and it’s relatively easy for consumers to understand the importance of accuracy in the production of precision medical machining parts and components. Today, machining companies have harnessed technology and software to outfit their shop floors with CNC machining tools including lathes, mills, routers and grinders. Unlike traditional machining methods, CNC machines are capable of producing 3D and more complex shaped parts. This level of complexity creates an opportunity for medical discoveries and advancement.

Quick Response Manufacturing

Aztalan Engineering, Inc. has taken it one step further by focusing on the front-end of supply chain management. We employ quick response manufacturing (QRM), a business solution that focuses on developing prototype parts. Aztalan’s programming and application team work directly with our client firms to test their designs and materials through prototype generation. We use prototyping to test and verify the manufacturability and assembly before we commence with mass production. This provides customers with superior, precision products. CNC’s high replication output also allows the client’s products to reach market before their competition.

Aztalan Engineering, Inc. is an employee-owned company that provides engineering services, drafting, design support and reverse engineering solutions. Our team will collaborate with a firm’s design team to accelerate the product testing phase. We deliver the accuracy and output rates to get your final products to market in a timely manner.