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CNC machining allows for accurate calibrating, cutting, and drilling of products. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) utilizes software that integrates with specific machines. As such, each programmed machine cannot be otherwise controlled with generic, or open source software. CNC prototyping is becoming more powerful and user-friendly.

Prototype Machining

At Aztalan Engineering, we take prototype manufacturing quite seriously. While we do not design parts from concept, we have a talented and licensed crew of mechanical engineers that will collaborate with your design teams to help accelerate your product to market.

Our equipment includes seven Okuma MA-40HA horizontal machining centers (HMC), four Fadal 4020 vertical machining centers (VMC), and one Okuman Genos M460-VE VMC that is equipped with clip removal systems. It also has automatic tool changers. This, combined with talented engineers and machinists, enables us to deliver reduced parts cycles. Positioning accuracy is greatly increased which means we can produce accurate quantities of product for our customers.

Prototype Manufacturing

Our team can help turn your idea into a prototype that sells. This is one of our prime areas of expertise. We can help walk you through a product development process that takes into consideration the following:

  • How simple or complex your idea happens to be
  • How far along you are in development
  • The decision makers that need to see your prototype demonstration, such as investors, customers, and partners
  • Prototype appearance
  • Proof of concept
  • Functionality
  • Production

Let’s Begin the Process

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