Engine Component Machining in the Automotive and Aerospace Industries

Either directly or indirectly, nearly everyone depends on machined goods in one way or another. Without machining, few of the goods and services that we have come to expect in our daily lives would be available. This is especially true when it comes to travel – we could not fly or drive without the parts machined for the automotive and aerospace industries. Nearly every aspect of a car or plane’s functionality is dependent on machined components.

The Equipment for Engine Component Machining

Making a car or plane do what we expect it to do – get us from one place to another – relies on machining functional, quality engine components. Machining engine components for the automotive and aerospace industries should go hand-in-hand – many of their parts can be machined using the same equipment. However, the varying demands of each industry affect the way engine component machining is approached.

Automotive Industry Machining Demands

For OEMs and suppliers in the automotive industry, competition drives how machining is approached. As critical tolerances increase and costs per part decrease, machining companies must strive to maintain low costs, efficiency, quick turnaround, and high throughput. Thus, suppliers in this industry often choose machines that are designed for producing high volume.

Aerospace Industry Machining Demands

Suppliers in the aerospace industry recognize how critical it is to maintain tight tolerances and meet high quality standards. The aerospace industry demands accuracy, repeatability, and efficiency over all else. Therefore, OEMs and suppliers rely on high-precision machines to produce engine components that adhere to strict industry standards.

Blending the Industries

When machining companies invest in machines that are capable of producing high volume, quality components in an efficient manner, they can meet the criteria for engine component machining in both the automotive and aerospace industries. For instance, at Aztalan Engineering, we have chosen to invest in CNC machines that are known for both their speed and precision.

Such machines can provide high quality parts that adhere to strict industry standards with a quick turnaround. As a result, meeting a variety of demands – whether they are keeping costs low and production high or maintaining tight tolerances and high standards – is seamless. We are glad to be able to offer services in engine component machining for the automotive and the aerospace industries.