Important Benefits of Oxygen Cleaning

Getting right down to it, in order for anything to be operative and functioning, maintenance and care must be managed. When it comes to those same components and assemblies that offer construct for industries, being operative and functioning is standard, and efficiency and high quality is always the goal. Thus, providing certified cleaning options is a necessity. At Aztalan Engineering, we are glad to offer ultrasonic cleaning as one of our specialties for industry and business solutions.

What is Oxygen Cleaning?

Avoiding physical damage to a part when it comes to cleaning it with proper maintenance is imperative. There are hazards and pitfalls to any maintenance plan that must be managed so that the functioning of parts sustains and there’s no disruption to any mechanisms to hinder work of any kind. Oxygen cleaning is the most efficient way to clean components and parts as it is characterized by the idea of it being an ultrasonic cleaning. Here at Aztalan, we utilize this method of cleaning and in its high frequency generated sound waves, the causal of a microscopic implosion at the surface of the part that happens on the smallest scale, executes the safest cleaning of any part.


There are important advantages to oxygen cleaning that must be taken into account. For us here at Aztalan, we understand fully the need to be efficient and effective. Oxygen cleaning is the most effective method of cleaning metal parts and with attention to microscopic details that are usually missed with other forms of cleaning, we ensure efficiency and sustained functioning of those parts. Additionally, through this cleaning process, we are able to reach and clean a wide range of tubing in accordance to shapes and sizes and remove tightly adhered particles from solid surfaces.

What Our Team Offers

There are difficult to clean features that can be managed by oxygen cleaning. Products that are made by wires and tubes and welded assemblies can be arduous and a hindrance, but at Aztalan, our team will work tirelessly to offer and recommend the best protocol that suits your cleaninag application needs. Oxygen cleaning is one of our specialties and one of the best methods in cleaning parts.