Orthopedic Implant Manufacturers Offer Precise Machining and Custom Services

At Aztalan Engineering, we use our precision CNC machining services and prototyping abilities to serve the medical implant industry. We are proud to be amongst several quality orthopedic implant manufacturers in the industry. Machining medical implants is a delicate process, so we understand that failure is not an option which is why we offer precise machining and careful prototyping to ensure we meet your exact specifications.

The Process of Medical Implant Machining

Medical machining can be defined as all of the CNC machining processes that are related to the medical industry. This includes surgical implants, surgical tools, and other medical devices. In addition, this type of machining is used in the production of orthotic devices and implants. Since CNC machining can be done on a very small scale, our services are perfect for machining tiny parts with precision components such as implants.

We also have the ability to quickly produce small batch parts, allowing us to keep pace with ever-changing medical technology, by offering CNC turning, CNC Swiss turning, milling services. We are one of the top orthopedic implant manufacturers in the industry because of our ability to machine parts large and small from both metal and medical grade plastic based your specifications.

What is an Orthopedic Implant?

An orthopedic implant is a type of medical device that is machined and manufactured in order to support a damaged bone or to replace a missing or damaged joint. These implants are typically machined out of stainless steel and titanium alloys due to their sterile and strong properties as well as resistance to corrosion. A plastic coating is added to serve as cartilage for joints providing comfort and functionality.

Implanted devices that we manufacture are machined using a process called micromachining or small-scale machining. This machining process relies are accuracy and precision because implants tend to made of very tiny, crucial components needed for proper function.

Custom Machining Services and Prototyping to Meet Specifications

Orthopedic implants typically need to be customized in order to fit the patient’s body comfortably. We use our custom machining services in order to ensure that we can meet your unique medical implant needs. As a premier provider among orthopedic implant manufacturers, we also offer prototyping services to ensure the design is accurate prior to manufacture.