You Are The Reason We Are Aztalan

Dirk Maroske - President of Aztalan
Dirk Maroske – President of Aztalan

On February 12th, Dirk Maroske, President of Aztalan Engineering, met with the entire team to discuss the future growth and success of the company, and how each individual plays an important role in that future. Laying out the road map to 2015, Dirk showed how prototyping, innovation, people, growth, and service were the key strategies to achieving the goals set for the next year.

“Driven by our customers, we need to further increase our efforts and invest in innovation to become more competitive as a manufacturer of precision parts,” Dirk explained. This refined focus, among others, stemmed from previous focus group sessions the Aztalan management team engaged in earlier in the year.

Dirk concluded the meeting with a question posed to the employees: “How will you make a difference?” As Aztalan moves into 100% ESOP, it truly is the employees that make up the company and they hold the future success of the company. Aztalan believes in their employees, and knows that their continued success rests in good hands.