Milling Sample


Aztalan Engineering has (4) Fadal 4020 Vertical Machining Centers and (6) Okuma MA-40HA Horizontal Machining Centers equipped with automatic tool changers and chip removal systems.

Turning Sample


Our 8 Okuma Twin Spindle Lathes provide up to full 7 axis power, allowing for full part creation on a single machine and higher throughput.

Swiss Turning Sample


Our Tsugami Swiss-Type CNC lathes are perfect for machining and micro machining precision parts with complex configurations and profiles in one setup incredibly fast.

Soldering Sample


Our solder and brazing operation has 3 bench solder/brazing stations and a carousel solder station.

Aztalan Engineering: When Failure is Not an Option

Whether being used on the battlefield or in the operating room, components manufactured by Aztalan Engineering, Inc. will excel through any activity, thanks to their high quality, reliability and longevity. When failure is not an option, we know there’s no substitute for quality. This is why our team works hard to provide our consumers with the best products on the market.

Aztalan is the go-to solution for precision contract manufacturing, combining over three decades of experience with a commitment to provide nothing but the absolute best in precision medical products, as well as precision components manufacturing for the energy, aerospace and defense industries.

Aztalan’s Quick Response Manufacturing

What makes Aztalan Engineering different from any other precision machining company is the fact that we’ve configured our production process towards the highest efficiency. Unlike other contract manufacturing companies, we balance a drive towards high-quality results with a desire to “cut the fat” from the manufacturing process. This trimmed-down workflow eliminates downtime and expedites production, resulting in a finished product that can be delivered promptly.

Investing in Technology

We believe that an investment in cutting-edge equipment and technology benefits our customers. For example, our CNC machining services allow us to take precision machining to a whole new level, making it possible for us to micro-machine precision parts faster than ever before. Whether it’s through our CNC milling service, CNC turning services or other computerized processes, we offer our customers the highest level of precision and speed possible.

Prototype Manufacturing

Use of CNC prototyping gives our customers a competitive edge by speeding up the design and production process, which means products are able to reach the market ahead of competitors while providing the same high-quality results we’re known to deliver. From our technicians to our quality control team, every prototype is given the same level of attention as anything we manufacture.

High Quality Results

From engine component machining, to medical device manufacturing, Aztalan does it all. We firmly believe that our components and assemblies are second-to-none, and we pride ourselves on the results we deliver at every phase of development, from prototype through production.

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Certifications and Associations: NSF, ISO 13485, Tool, Die & Machining Association of Wisconsin, PMPA Member