Ultrasonic,Oxygen & Breathing Circuit Cleaning Service

Ultrasonic Cleaning

One of our specialties at Aztalan Engineering is providing certified cleaning options for your components and assemblies. Some of the breathing circuit cleaning processes that we have been able to achieve include:

  • KSC-C-123H, Level 250 Clean Spec for the Kennedy Space Center
  • Breathing Circuit Gases (BCG) Clean Specs
  • High Pressure Oxygen (HPO2) Clean Specs
  • Medium Pressure Oxygen (MPO2) Clean Specs

The Power of Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning involves the use of high-frequency sound waves that are generated by means of an external transducer unit. These sound waves form bubbles that are only microns in size, in a solution. These bubbles increase in size until they reach the resonant dimension that is a function of the frequency of the ultrasonic transducer unit. At this point, they implode at the surface of the part in the cleaning unit with high pressure, on a very small scale. This is what we call an oxygen cleaning job, which doesn’t cause any physical damage to the part.

There are many advantages to ultrasonic cleaning services, including the following:

  • Most effective cleaning method for metal parts using ultrasonic units
  • Microscopic details can be cleaned that are typically missed by alternative cleaning methods
  • Ability to remove tightly adhered particles from solid surfaces
  • Can clean inside of tubes and components in a wide range of shapes and sizes

Products made from wires and tubes, welded assemblies, cannulas, and machined parts with difficult-to-clean features such as blind holes are best cleaned by ultrasonic cleaning. Our team can work with you to recommend a cleaner and an ultrasonic cleaning protocol that best suits your metallic alloy and cleaning applications.